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The Huffington Post and a new project

July 14, 2011

This week I wrote an essay for The Huffington Post about my experiences with Red Lemonade. There are a couple of thoughts previously expressed as well as some new ones about the death of scarcity in publishing and why we have to redefine unpublished as much as we have to redefine published. Read it here.


After spending two years putting together a relatively linear, fictional novel, I kind of went crazy on a project that is now live here. The Consumed Guide is thousands of negative words and phrases assembled from 13, 090 reviews by Robert Christgau and turned into a single review.

I’d never actually read that much sustained-Christgau before deciding that his online Consumer Guide archive was an excellent text database. After, I think he is the Joyce of rock critics for his livid, multi-meaning descriptions, beat neologisms, and polyslang vocabulary. “Negative” is a simplistic way to put things, I know. It’s like calling outer space “dark.”


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